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Car wash

Maintenance service designed to optimally preserve the protection of the initial treatment

Complete cleaning 

From 50 €

Hand and water washing, wiping, interior and exterior windows, dashboard, complete vacuuming of the passenger compartment, contour of the doors, rims, shiny tires.
(Dog hair or mud supplement).

Lavage complet premium car wash

X'press cleaning

From 15 €

Hand and water wash, squeegee drying, carpet vacuuming, door surround.
(Dog hair or mud supplement).

Lavage express premium car wash

Interior beauty treatments

From 110 €

Cleaning of leather or fabric seats, carpets, interior doors, dashboard.

Esthétique intérieur

Exterior cleaning 

From 30 €

Hand and water wash, wiping, exterior windows, door surround, rims, tire shine.

Lavage extérieur premium car wash

Interior cleaning 

From 30 €

Complete aspiration of the passenger compartment, interior windows, dashboard, contour of the doors.
(Dog hair or mud supplement).

Nettoyage intérieur premium car washMonaco
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