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Bodywork treatment

Entrusting us with the task of renovating the exterior of your automobile is the assurance of meticulous work


Applying ceramics leaves your car looking like a newly waxed vehicle for years to come. It also makes it easier to remove dirt and better protect your paintwork better than any wax, no matter how good and shiny it is.

Traitement céramique premium car wash  monaco


In addition to giving a new look to your car, the covering will protect the bodywork and the original paint since the latter are covered by the thermoformed adhesive film.

Pose de covering premium car wash monaco


The transparent bodywork protection film is a must have accessory. Multiplying the qualities, it has the advantage of adaptability to any type of car, great resistance to shocks, unforeseen events and vandalism.

Protection ppf premium car wash


Front and rear license plate mounting.  before

Pose de plaque d'immatriculation premium car wash monaco
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